Fall, sweet fall.

    It is still incredibly hot in Texas, but something is just screaming fall in the 98 degree air. There are just so many things that I want to accomplish over the next season and so I thought I would do a part two of my goals, but fall style. 
1. Get running! It is officially getting cooler here in Texas and so I need to stop making excuses and get my butt moving. 

2.Bake and cook more. This may seem quite contradictory to the last goal, but who doesn’t love apple crumble or pumpkin chai lattes on a cool falls day? 

3. Read for pleasure. This is a goal I have not yet accomplished from part 1, but would truly love to continue to work on.

4. Find the perfect cozy knit cardigan. I am on the hunt for an oversized cardigan that is cute, but also comfortable. The goal is to find one that when I put it on, I feel like it’s giving me a warm hug, but a loose and oversized warm hug. 

5. Keep the room in shape. As the school year progresses, the washing pile gets bigger and the room gets messier. I still clean it and keep it tidy but it just takes me like 3 days of procrastinating to do it…. And my washing needs to be done more so that my entire closet isn’t in the hamper…

6. Enjoy fun times with family and friends! Because warmly fall isn’t meant to be enjoyed alone, but with the ones you love. 


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