Why I deleted my Twitter

Twitter is a wonderful forum in which good news can be shared, but so can the bad unfortunately. 

I subtweeted the other day about an incredibly menial high school drama that in the moment I felt like was the end of the world, but after realizing that it was not only stupid but not the whole worlds (well my world, as a blog is different because I don’t know most of you personally) place in knowing why I was mad. Not only is it easy to be immature on, but I’d just rather laugh about life and not have to have it be put out there that I thought something was funny. 

I think Twitter can be so awsOme, but it’s not awesome more than it is awesome, which is why I decided to say my farewell to the Twitter world. 

After deleting it, I realized that everything I think is like Ohhhh that’s tweet worthy, or if something happens I’m like yay let’s put it on Twitter. How sad is that? That I can’t just enjoy a moment in life because I put my true satisfaction into it others would favorite a tweet! 

Instagram I love because I don’t care what others think- I use it as a forum of my creativity and my life. No joke coming up with captions is the most fun I have when it comes to using my phone. 

But Twitter is dangerous. Anything can be put out there, in an instant of anger, and the power of the screenshot is even more powerful than a gun shot in some ways. 

If I want to say how I feel, I would rather blog about it, or even better, talk about it to my mum or sister or friends. That way I can save the interesting stuff for here, but I just really wanted to put this feeling into words for some reason. 

Cheers! -Claire 


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