It’s been a while…

Hi everyone, today I just got so fed up with the fact I have been away for about a month and I though I would just let you know how I have been and where I am at. 

So I began my junior year four weeks and went into the school year feeling really down. I felt like the year would be draining, and as if I would never have time for family, church, or even myself. Somehow, I have found a balance for once in my life, and I am so blessed for that. I am taking classes I love, and although they challenge me, they also make me excited to learn.

Before this year, school was just something I had to do, but now it’s an opportunity to look at God from different perspectives. 

Education is hard because it is a group of people telling you about the world. How do you know what’s right? What’s wrong? Who to listen to? I guess I just am blessed with people that I trust with shaping my thoughts. And if I don’t trust someone, then I discuss it with the people I trust and see what they have to say. 

Socially, school has been better than ever. I’m not going out all the time or anything, but I have a strong hold of who I am and I won’t let go of that for anyone. I guess nothing’s ever perfect, but I am really content.

So school isn’t terrible for once in my life, yay!

Church is going well. My faith is strong right now but I really need to stop making excuses and just dig into the word. The church I attend is currently going through a translation and it is really hard on us as a whole. There is a lot of joy in the blessings we have received and it’s easy to be grateful for them, but with some staff having left things aren’t the same and change isn’t easy. 

Overall, everything is good, and I am so happy with everything right now. I know this isn’t the fanciest blog post or the most perfect deep wording but I just wanted to quickly say hi and that I am alive! God bless! Xx -Claire 


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