What do books, songs, conversations, and weird blogs written by a sixteen year old have in common? WORDS. POWER. And if they are good, maybe even a little wisdom. The words we hear, speak, and read are what make us who we are. These voices that influence us are not just noise, but truth that someone has spoken. I was reading a devotional about grace, and it really got me thinking about how influential to others and ourselves that the words we speak, think, hear, read, and sing are what determine the course of our days and our attitudes. If I only hang out with people that swear, I will start swearing more. If the people I am with even say “Oh Cookies!” when they really wanna say something else, I will follow along. The scary part is that I will do this without even trying to… It almost seems like humans were made like that. This devotional was over the verse Colossians 4:6, which states, “Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.” That verse took me about twenty reads to fully understand it. If you think about it, a conversation involves two parties: the talker, and the listener. I don’t know about you, but I wanna know how to answer everyone. I wanna be THE best listener on the earth. However, it’s pretty unfortunate how awkward and uncomfortable I can be during really serious conversations… I try my best to listen and give advice, but sometimes it’s as though I say the completely wrong thing without even realizing it, or make a really terrible joke that I think it will lighten the mood, when in reality it’s just plain BAD. When that painfully embarrassing moment occurs, a little part of me breaks. I experience a sensation of regret inside, fearful that I have made something worse than it needed to be. But no fear is to be had, because this verse answers the big question that I believe many of us face… How the hell do we become the best conversationalists on the planet? Well, according to that dude Paul in that dandy book I like to read called the bible, in order to know how to do that, we have to let our conversations be full of Grace. So what does that mean? Well, no need to fear, Google dictionary is here! The definition of Grace is undeserved favor that extends unconditional love to another. Thanks, Google. As a Christian, I want people leaving a conversation feeling like, “Damn, I feel loved and blessed.” What’s crazy is that that feeling is in the hands of our attitudes towards our talks with others. The words we use and the tone we take on need to posses that unconditional love that God (and Google) speak of. What we listen to should be full of grace as well, and when we interact with those we don’t even know, if we speak and listen to them with genuine Grace, they will be much more engaged. We will never contain anywhere near as much Grace as Our Lord does- I mean, he even died on the cross for us. But there are a couple things in our control: The things we listen to, read, sing, etc, our own self control to not say something without thinking, but lastly, the most awesomely dangerous weapon: Prayer (totally kidding, it’s pretty safe.). If we continually pray that God helps us to be full of grace, we are on the right path.


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