Ten tips for a healthy mind and body

1. When you wake up, do 3-5 sun salutations. This is a great way to stretch out the entire body and wake it up. If you do not know how to do a sun salutation, YouTube or google it!
2. Keep your room clean. Easier said than done, but it makes the biggest difference to both the mind and the body. How does keeping my room clean give me a healthy body you may ask? Well a large part of a clean room is a made bed, and a made bed is one that you cannot sit in all day. So keep your bed made and room tidy, and you will spend more time with people and things you love instead in bed all day!
3. Workout outside instead of inside. Being outside and in nature is a great way to not only build fitness levels but to reflect over things. Personally treadmills don’t do the trick for me as I focus on the numbers as I run, but when I’m in nature I notice the trees and the little ducks happily playing together, and I have time to think about my troubles and things I’m grateful for to myself. So get moving outside! You will notice not only a change in body but a washing of peace and serenity that will take over the mind. And exercise also releases serotonin: the happy hormone!
4. When you are on your run/walk outside, smile to everyone you see! Interaction between humans is necessary for optimal health and happiness.
5. Drink plenty of water. Water will make your skin glow and your digestion a lot better. It pretty much makes everything better! I will not say a specific amount but drink enough so that your pee is clear.
6. Read books and research things that interest you! Finding something that you are passionate about can really help you find a purpose to life and increase intelligence. Reading also increases vocabulary, and after all, having a broad vocabulary is rather winsome if I do say so myself.
7. Eat a clean, nutrient dense diet. I’m not saying don’t enjoy yourself though. I think that a healthy lifestyle can be absolutely delicious once adjusted if you change up the foods you are eating. Personally, the more vegetables and fruit I eat, the better I feel. It’s amazing what natures gift can do for us! 8. Spend time with people you love. As I mentioned earlier, interaction between humans is a must! Spending time with people you love is a lot more personal than just smiling (even though smiling is awesome and makes a huge difference!). If you feel alone or like you have no one, take a leap of faith and reach out to people. Just like you feel alone, other people do too and you would be surprised at the response you get back. Make friends by trying new things such as joining clubs at school, taking an art class, joining a team sport, etc.
9. Appreciate awesome moments. Taking a second just to say thank you to whoever you do or don’t believe in is seriously so important. Sometimes I just smile to myself and think,” wow, I’m alive and today doesn’t suck.” It doesn’t matter if you think something fancier than that or if you simply just smile (as we have already established, you would know I think smiling is awesome). The point is to feel something that is bigger than you. Not a selfish moment where you are caught up on earthly matters, but a moment of “damn, I’m lucky. What can I do to help the world?”
10. Laugh! It will give you rock hard abs and a longer life.