Why are you so skinny?

I came across this amazing channel today as I searched for quick workouts on Youtube. Little did I know I would be inspired by her other videos. This is something we should all take time to watch and become aware of. Real women DO come in all shapes and sizes. It is a misconception these days that “Real men like curves, dogs like bones”. All women of all sizes are real women. It does not matter what you look like, in my opinion the best way to show power and to attract others is through confidence. I am not skinny or curvy, I am in between I would say which is sometimes hard believe it or not! We all have our insecurities and this is just a wonderful reminder that we should not be putting each other down but we should be helping and empowering each other through our issues. Much love!


Fun ways to work out when you really don’t want to

Sometimes I honestly just don’t want to work out, but never have I regretted a workout. These are some fun and easy ways to get your body moving!

1.Go for a walk with some music or a friend/family member.

2.Search some workout videos on Youtube. My favorite channel is Blogilates (http://www.youtube.com/user/blogilates). Cassey is so motivating and really pushes your body. My favorite workout is the” What makes you bootiful” workout (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwVzamFR-tg). It is quick, motivating, and will make your butt so sore! She has some longer videos, and monthly workout calendars that are super motivating! YouTube in general is a really fun way to workout.

3.Google some at home Tumblr workouts. For example, let’s say I want to work out my legs. I will Google “tumblr leg workout”, click on images, and there will be a million different workouts, and most of the time they aren’t too strenuous, which is good if you aren’t feeling up to it.

4.Do an intense stretch. Take 15-20 minutes and simply stretch. You aren’t burning a ton of calories or anything but you are working on flexibility which is a very important and crucial aspect to fitness in my opinion. You will lengthen your muscles too! If you aren’t sure what to do just youtube “stretching routine” or “how to stretch” and you will learn how.

5.DANCE! Whether you do Zumba or just dance with your friends (I love both!), you will torch so many calories and release more endorphins than you could imagine!

6. Download some workout apps. My favorite is called “Workouts” and I try to do at least five minutes of ab workouts everyday. It is simple and super easy.

7. Do the Squat Challenge. It is so fun and does not take that long! I completed it in the summer and would really like to do it again.

8. If you know lot’s of workout moves, invent a workout! I love to do this because I have figured out what hurts me and what gives me better results, so it is the best way for me to get the most out if my workout!

9.If you are super lazy and don’t even want to get out of bed, then do some lying down workouts in your bed like the superman or some crunches!  It is better than nothing at the end of the day 🙂

10.  Go for a nice bike ride or run… to your favorite food place! What better motivation to workout than food! I live close to a Starbucks and sometimes (not too often!) will run up to there, get a soy iced chai, and then go back home. I don’t believe a workout is pointless if you eat food because cardiovascular activity is good for your respiratory system and a yummy Starbucks will not completely ruin it, I promise!

11. Lastly, try fun classes! This can cost money, but it is so motivating and fun to be in a setting like that.

Happy Spring Break everyone! Stay safe:)

Raw vegan strawberry cheesecake

This recipe is absolutely delicious. I did not think it was possible to create such a sweet and creamy cake without the use of sugar and cream, but the absolute impossible became possible. I followed the recipe exactly as it says on the website, other than a few small things. I do recommend that you freeze the dish for about thirty minutes, prior to serving it, because otherwise it can be runny, and messy. I also added a few more strawberries than required to the strawberry layer! I do not have a picture, but the easiest way to make and clean this is to actually make this recipe in a cupcake tin and make multiple mini cheesecakes. It is much easier and prettier when served this way! Enjoy!